The holidays are almost upon us, starting with Labor Day then Thanksgiving and finally Christmas. These are all big family holidays with extensive travel for many who will need to and from airport transportation in West Palm Beach as well as the other surrounding South Florida area airports. It is a special time of year during each of these holidays for family and friends to gather and share the warmth of each other’s company. The given of theses holiday gatherings is that hassles and problems will occur no matter where you are traveling to or from. So here are some of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation’s suggestions for Holiday air travel.

Airport Parking

The Holidays bring with them “certainties” and issues that must be considered when dealing with Airport Parking. The spots near the drop and pick up points of the parking lot shuttle will be at a premium, lines will be longer because of heavy airline travel , there will be less staff on site during the holidays which will account for less shuttles/longer wait times and bigger lines.

Limited Baggage

The airport and airplane luggage wars are alive and thriving. First there is the cost of the extra baggage fees, then the fight for baggage space in the overhead bins. The holiday means more stuff – both to and from your destination – so pack light. Consider, if possible, shipping ahead especially gifts, which can be shipped by an internet vendor site like An additional tip, don’t wrap gifts if it is going thru security because it will be unwrapped to allow for visual inspection


The Holiday travel schedule means many overcrowded waiting areas in the airport. The availability of charging spaces for travelers will be extremely low because of volume and length of time waiting to board as most travelers will arrive very early in anticipation of the slower the usual check in procedures. Make sure you keep all electronics on chargers as long as possible before entering the Airport.


You want to dress comfortably, all loose and layers of clothing if possible. This layering can help in several ways. It will keep you warm on a cold plane and allow more room in your luggage for souvenirs and gifts. The bottom line is to be comfortable and ready for all weather.

Fly Direct

Connecting flight itineraries allow for delays due to unending and frequent bad weather delays during the holiday season in question. There will be no acceptable comfort level available to you or your family due to delays. Your trip should be planned and purchased as far in advance as possible to save you some money and get you a seat on the best flight for your destination.

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