Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is your premier go to for planning group travel with our bus charter service in West Palm Beach. Whether you are wanting to cruise around the city, county or any reasonable destination near or far with your friends and colleagues, using our bus charter service would be the answer for all transportation needs. Comfort and ease is no problem as our bus charter is extremely comfortable for safe and long tours. Plus availing Palm Beach Tours & Transportation’s multitude of available logistical services is far more economical way to travel when trying to make your tour affordable!

One of the great advantages about availing your group of our bus charter services is that you can invite a large group on a long tour or vacation out of state. As a matter of fact, our bus(s) are able to accommodate at least 55 people each at one time. Our fleet of coaches can take you and your group out of the area on every accessible roadway; however, the price will differ according to the length of the trip you and your group desire. Plus, hiring our service tends to be more economical rather than any generic type of other transportation package. By this, travelling around the town with you and your family or group would be less expensive.

Our bus charter service provides extreme comfort. Our bus(s) are specially designed and fully customized with the long distance explorer in mind. In addition our bus(s) are clothed with hi-tech electronics such as plasma T.V, DVD player and air-conditioner. Plus, they offer reclining cushioned seats so you can doze off while you watch. All large Palm Beach Tours & Transportation buses are fully-equipped with bathrooms or toilet, so there is no need to worry about where to stop when nature is calling. And, they have spacious luggage compartments, so worrying about where to place huge luggage is no problem. Just relax and enjoy the long trip.

Want to dance or sing while travelling? If desired your bus(s) can have built-in entertainment devices such as hi-tech sound systems, dance pole and dance floor. They also can have refreshments, wines, and juice just in case your group is parched while enjoying the long trip. If your group wants cruise the areas in and around West Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Orlando, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is your most experienced and knowledgeable guide to explore entertainment, culture, food, art or theme parks.

No matter what kind of group travel it is, whether it is a church trip, educational tour or even a business trip, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation’s bus charter service in West Palm Beach can accommodate huge group trips and if desired; arrange visits to multiple venues in different cities!

If you would like to know more about our bus charter service in West Palm Beach or limousine rentals for any occasion, executive transportation or other options for luxury group transportation, you are invited to call on the expertise of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation at 561-203-0404.