Chauffeur Limo Service Stuart

Clients Always Appreciate having Chauffeur Limo Service in Stuart

As a business person, you probably appreciate getting picked up at the airport in a limousine so that you can drop things off at your hotel or get started right away with business. So when you have clients arriving on a regular basis, why not consider picking them up using limousine service? It is reasonably priced and will allow you to escort them around to the places that you’d like to go, while allowing you to remain free to talk about business. The labor savings alone while you commute will pay for the limousine.  If you would like to reserve a vehicle or learn more about the services that we provide here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation please call us at (561) 655-5515, or visit us online at


Your New Trade Show Meeting Shuttle

If you have a trade show in town to attend and are going to be meeting clients for business offsite, it doesn’t matter if it is morning or night, Our chauffeured limo service in Stuart is adept at providing professional service that will allow you to host business meetings with enthused clients or relax and go out on the town and bond with them after hours. And don’t worry if your schedule is linear or quite complex, we have the bandwidth to be able to accommodate almost any request in the South Florida area given a little bit of notice.


Company Celebrations are Safer with Limo Service

Every year, companies often host celebration dinners or sales dinners that end up being a time where staff continues to work after hours in a more relaxed setting away from the office. A potential concern with such events can be that everyone takes a separate car to meet, making communication a little less feasible on the ride over. If you have planned a rewards event or a team-building experience and want everyone to enjoy it from the moment you leave your office, consider contacting PBTT about our Chauffeured limo service in Stuart. With a variety of sizes and types of limo’s to choose from, we can provide a comfortable, professional, and safe alternative to having everyone commit to driving or sharing rides in private cars.

We Accommodate Large Groups Regularly

As a full service limo company, we are used to providing logistical support for companies and individuals all over Southern Florida. If your group is too large to fit into a standard limo, instead of renting two limos, you might consider trying our limo bus or a mini bus that can hold more passengers. The best thing to remember is that Palm Beach Tours & Transportation offers a complete menu of executive and luxury transportation vehicles and services. For more information or reservations, please call us at (561) 655-5515 or visit our website at

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