Corporate Employee Transportation Palm Beach

For over 20 years, Palm Beach Tours and Transportation (PBTT) has been providing corporate employee transportation in Palm Beach. We cater to all types of corporate clients who may also be mixing business with pleasure. PBTT not only has a presence in Palm Beach, but also in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hollywood, and Pompano Beach. We are dedicated to good customer service, and we try to train our customer service agents to be the best in all aspects of the business. If our customers are satisfied and loyal, we feel that we are a successful corporate employee transportation provider in Palm Beach. If you would like to reserve a vehicle or learn more about the services that we provide here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation please call us at (561) 655-5515.


Why You Should Hire Us

We focus on the safety of our fleet and passengers. This is why we inspect our vehicles, and we require that all of our drivers go through an extensive background check. We also offer an extensive training program and state-of-the-art drive cams to correct our drivers if we see them doing anything that does not coincide with company policy. It’s a coaching tool that ensures that passengers get the best possible service available. We also have hired certified mechanics that will ensure that our vehicles are clean and safe to drive. Because we value safety, we even made sure that all of the vehicles in our fleet have seatbelts.

What You Can Expect When You Reserve Your Travel

We have a high tech online reservation system that’s user-friendly and helps customers make decisions easily. Most customers who have used the system have written rave reviews about its ease of use. After your account is set up for the first time, you will never be required to enter any more addresses. The application will save all the pertinent information. When the reservation is made, you’ll receive an email confirmation several minutes after making the reservation. The receipts to ride can be printed out 24 hours a day and seven days per week. This is a part of our commitment to customer service.

Corporate Employee Transportation Palm BeachWe’re Committed to Serving You!

We are committed to serving you and making you our valued customer when desiring corporate employee transportation in Palm Beach. We’ll go out of our way to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely without any delays and want to do whatever possible to ensure that you’ll remain a loyal customer for life. This is why we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our services and thank you for any business that you’ve given us in the past. Palm Beach Tours & Transportation offers a complete menu of executive and luxury transportation vehicles and services. For more information or reservations, please call us at (561) 655-5515.

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