Renting a limo bus for a birthday party is a wonderful way to celebrate the special occasion of your friend or loved one. The old ways of celebrating may be tried and true, but they can also be a bit on the boring side. When you choose to celebrate in a limo bus, you can plan something specialized for the guest of honor. You will have the opportunity to decorate the bus for the party, choose the music you want played while you are being driven about and much more. Read further to learn more about ideas for planning the perfect birthday party.

Party Bus Ideas for Women

Your female friend or relative won’t be able to believe her eyes when the luxurious bus pulls into her driveway to pick her up. Filled with all her best friends, the party can start as soon as the guest of honor arrives. If you start early, you might want to take her to her favorite restaurant for a brunch full of her favorite foods and good champagne. After that, let the bus drive you all to the birthday girl’s favorite spa. Enjoy a day being pampered with massage, manicures, pedicures, facials and whatever else you all enjoy. If she doesn’t enjoy the spa, you might consider a day shopping at her various favorite locations. Close the celebration with a stop at her favorite lounge and enjoy a relaxing drink.

Party Bus Ideas for Men

Consider planning the birthday party for your male friend or relative around a much-loved sporting event. Perhaps there is a football or basketball game that you can all be driven to in style. If that’s not to his liking, consider what his interests are. A day of bowling, paint ball, watching car races or horse races, going to see action movies or anything you can think of will be that much nicer when the birthday boy is picked up by the bus you’ve decorated just for him. Follow up the day’s main event with a trip to his favorite steak or barbecue restaurant. End the day’s festivities with a stop at his favorite bar or nightclub. If he’s single, this might just be the night he meets the girl of his dreams.

A Gift They Will Never Forget

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