Limo Bus Boca Raton

Renting a Limo Bus in Boca Raton

Palm Beach Tours and Transportation has been transporting groups in Palm Beach County for parties and business events for over 20 years. Our fleets of Limo Busses are luxurious, comfortable and safe. Whether booking for a senior Prom or a business convention, if you need a limo bus in Boca Raton call Palm Beach Tours and Transportation at (561) 655-5515 for the best selection of quality vehicles and reasonable prices.


Transportation to Corporate Retreats

If you own a business in the Boca Raton area, perhaps you like to take your employees on corporate retreats. These retreats allow individuals to strengthen their bonds and learn how to use new strategies to improve their work performance. Retreats can be great; but people sometimes struggle with getting there and back. Instead of asking people to drive their own cars, you can book a limo bus and begin to get your message out as soon as you leave. You’ll be sure that everyone arrives at the same time so that you are able to begin your group activities.

Corporate Wine Tasting Events

Businesses sponsor different kinds of customer appreciation events. A customer appreciation wine tasting event is one of the ways that a business can build good will and loyalty from their clients. However, you do not want people to be driving home from the festivities. Instead, you can have a limo bus pick up your clients and the celebration can get started on the way to the event. At the conclusion, all of your clients will be safely transported back to their hotel.

Limo Bus Boca Raton

For Special Celebrations and Nights Out

All different types of events might be happening at your company. For example, you might host a big holiday party right around Christmas, but the location is a little bit far away from the office. Once again, asking employees to drive after a celebration where a lot of drinks are provided is just not a good idea. You might also have a night out planned with the employees or want to take them to happy hour after a difficult week. All of these events can be enhanced by the presence of a limo bus in Boca Raton.

Call Palm beach Tours and Transportation

Of course, you might not have a corporate need to rent a limo bus at the current time, but your family and friends may be in need of a bus. Whatever the reason, call (561) 655-5515 and speak with one of our professionals at Palm Beach Tours and Transportation. We will create a package to exceed your expectations whenever you need.

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