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Where do you get limos in Boynton Beach? Perhaps you want to throw a big party, like a wedding or some other important event, and want to transport your guests to the event from the airport or their hotel in style; or, perhaps, you are in charge of a corporate event and must arrange for limousine service for important guests at your national sales convention. Regardless of your purpose, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is a luxury transportation company that can provide you with limousines, stretched limousines and almost any other kind of luxury transportation for your special occasion. We can be reached at (561) 655-5515.


PBTT has 20 Years of Successful Operations in Boyton Beach

Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is a company that has proudly served the entire South Florida region for well over 20 years and is experienced in arranging luxury transportation for individuals and corporations from around the world. Besides providing luxury transportation in Boynton Beach, our company has a well-known presence throughout South Florida, including West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Miami.


We Provide Complete One-Stop Transportation Service

Palm Beach Tours & Transportation takes care of all the details involved in transporting people from one place to another, and this includes picking them up from an airport, dropping them off at their hotels, or taking them to conventions, trade shows, or cultural or sporting events. Our company can even provide sightseeing tours or transport people to theatres and restaurants for a late-night celebration. The size of your group is not a constraint either, as we can organize a fleet of vehicles if that is what you require.

Besides providing luxury vehicles like limousines, we can provide SUVs or vans for your needs.  Working with us is a breeze, and we make the entire process from organizing transportation to billing easy. For instance, our reservation experts are experienced with arranging all kinds of transportation and our billing department can work with consolidated billing or corporate accounts. Additionally, our chauffeurs are continuously coached on defensive driving and all our vehicles are inspected by certified auto mechanics.

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At Palm Beach Tours & Transportation; we understand the importance of time management when it comes to orchestrating your transportation. Our chauffeurs have been coached to provide courteous service and to drive defensively. In fact, we even have a drive cam installed in each limo to make sure that passengers are transported safely. Our chauffeurs are also impeccable when it comes to timing. They will make sure that they arrive to pick up your guests in time and drop them off in time. They will also make an effort to calculate transportation times, including variables like weather and traffic, as accurately as possible so that your guest are never inconvenienced by unexpected delays. So if you are looking for limos in Boynton Beach, you need look no further. At Palm Beach Tours & Transportation, we look forward to the opportunity of assisting you with all your transportation needs. We can be easily reached at our toll free number at (561) 655-5515.

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