The Flu season is once again upon us. You can hardly forget about it when every major pharmacy is got signs out that you can get your Flu shot here! Advertisement after advertisement again reminds us its Flu season and we have all your cold supplies on sale. Being knocked down by the Flu Bug will cause you to not feel very well but also provide a variety of symptoms like cough, runny stuffed nose, fever, aches and pains, etc. In addition days missed from work or even worse you keep working and infecting coworkers and not really meeting your work potential because you are miserable. This time of year it is more important than ever to protect ourselves against the germs that invade our daily surroundings. Top tier providers of executive transportation and limousine service in West Palm Beach, like Palm Beach Tours & Transportation are acutely aware of the devastation of Flu season not only on the general population but also business men and executives that are responsible to so many others such as employees, stockholders, constituents and of course customers and clients can ill afford to be down with the Flu.

We are all familiar with the instructions of health providers like wash our hands as often as we can, with soap and warm water, especially before every meal. Only as we all too often find out with all the super germs and super viruses coming at us from every angle, we still may get the Flu. We still want to protect business and clients from everyday germs so we do what we can to mitigate and manage the cold and flu season.

At Palm Beach Tours& Transportation we have implemented a proactive system to minimize exposure to our clients by ensuring that our vehicles meet a high level of cleanliness. Our clients are used to travelling in our impeccably maintained vehicles but it is imperative to our business and to our clients that we incorporate this system to guarantee that our clients are traveling in a vehicle that has been sanitized to prevent possible exposure to germs and conditions that are causes connected with the Flu.

At the completion of each and every ride the Chauffeur is responsible for sanitizing their vehicles with an anti-bacterial organic cleaner by efficiently and effectively wiping down and cleaning the entire interior of the vehicle including but not limited to; Door handles, inside and out, Seats and head cushions, Arms rests, Seat belt and seat belt locks, Windows, windows controls and levers, Climate controls and levers, Radio nobs, Cup holders, Privacy dividers, and Magazine holders.

In addition, after each tour our professional cleaning and detail team details and washes each vehicle. That procedure includes but is not limited to steam cleaning the carpets, seats, head rests; they scrub, polish and sanitize each vehicle from grill to trunk, inside and out before it leaves the door, so yes, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is very confident that we can manage the Flu season, the germs have no defense against us!

If you would like to know more about how are vehicles are sanitized to protect from the Flu Bug or any information relating to limousine service in West Palm Beach or rentals for any occasion including executive transportation or luxury group transportation services, you are invited to call Palm Beach Tours & Transportation at 561-203-0404.

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