If your employees do a lot of traveling, you may want to switch to a limousine service instead of taxicabs or shuttles. The reputation these services have for being expensive is outdated; using a limo service for transportation can actually save your company time and money in the long run. If you need to cut your transportation costs, keep reading to discover the top five ways to use limousine service in West Palm Beach that fit your needs.

Cut back on wasted time

Although major airports have their own systems for getting travelers into cars, these systems often involve long lines and longer waits, particularly during peak hours. These people are wasting time that could be spent on work. Get your employees to their destinations faster by having a limo from Palm Beach Tours & Transportation waiting for them, instead of the other way around.

More room for more people

Whereas the law prohibits taxi drivers from taking in more than the maximum number of passengers, if you have a large group traveling together, consider reserving a stretch limousine, passenger van, or stretch SUV. These can hold up to 14 passengers with their luggage, and will be much more comfortable for the travelers. Not only will they and their luggage fit in, but they will enjoy the ride in luxury – a great bonus when transporting clients!

Plan in advance

Allowing your employees to find their own way is never a good idea, as it leaves them vulnerable to circumstances beyond their control. Reserve a limousine ahead of time so your employees won’t have to be responsible for finding their own transportation. This could mean no more missed meetings or late arrivals, and no more flustered employees!

Precision budget planning

While taxi meters combine distance and time to come up with a price, limos have hourly rates which you can ask for before making the reservation. This can help your accounting department when analyzing the cost of the trip, since you know how much transportation will cost ahead of time. It is also possible to engage in price-matching in order to find the best possible deal.

No more taxi surcharges

Different cities have different laws regarding taxicabs, but most have surcharges for airport trips, nighttime services, and high traffic hours. If you’d like to avoid paying these fees on top of the fare, avoid taxis altogether and go with a car service. Since you are paying by the hour, this will not cost more money unless it is a very long detour.

Taking the time to compare benefits and disadvantages of these modes of transport can save your company money in the long haul. Take the five points listed above as a guideline to making the change to a limousine, and see how it helps your business’s budget.

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