Why Should You Rent a Limousine

If you’re planning a big night out on the town, chances are you’re doing everything possible to eliminate any stress or miss-communication that could throw a monkey wrench into your plans. You’ve picked and booked the venue, you’ve confirmed who’s going to attend, and you’ve picked out what you’re going to wear. Now what about transportation? Carpooling can be awkward and uncomfortable, and arranging to meet up at your destination can be inconvenient depending on the availability and cost of parking. By opting to use a limo rental in Delray Beach instead, you’ll eliminate all of the planning and stress related to transportation; and you’ll have the added bonus of having someone else behind the wheel, leaving you to kick back and enjoy yourself with your friends.

What to Look for in a Limousine

When selecting a limousine for rental, there are a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind. First, how many people will be in your party? A limousine can seat anywhere from eight to forty passengers, but with many different sized limousines available in most fleets, it’s important to let the staff know how many seats you will need, so that your reservation can be planned¬† accordingly. You’ll also be presented with options for limo features. Choose from your basic limousine, which offers a comfortable luxury ride, or pick a deluxe model that has extra features and amenities.

If you make your reservation in person, don’t be shy about asking to see the limousine that you’re renting. Be sure to do an inside as well as an outside inspection, and have any existing blemishes noted, so that you will not be mistakenly held responsible for them later.

Fun Things to Do in a Limousine

With a professional employee at the wheel and at the ready to take you wherever you want to go in your limo rental in Delray Beach, consider letting loose with your friends during the ride. Music, movies, video games, even dancing — it’s all fair game in larger, more deluxe limousines. Take your pick of entertainment-oriented limos that offers surround-sound entertainment systems, dancing lights, and even dancing poles and mini-bars, for a truly unforgettable night.

Since your rented limousine is yours for the evening, many people decide to take a tour of the town or outlying towns as a way of prolonging the enjoyment of the evening. Consider bringing along some snacks, appetizers, or even some chilled wine for extra fun touches to your night. And don’t forget a camera – you’ll want candid snapshots to look back on later.

Where to Rent a Limousine

You can find limousine rental services available both offline and online. Palm Beach Tours & Transportation has a wide selection of limos in Delray Beach available for rental. In-person rentals are nice because you have the opportunity to view available limousines in person and test out their various features, but there’s the added hassle of driving to the company, and making sure you go there during office hours. Online limousine rentals are often preferable because it’s more convenient for you, and you can take the time to view photo galleries and read about available options without necessarily feeling rushed or pressured to make a decision. Plus, many online limo rental companies offer basic information and guidelines on picking the perfect limo in West Palm Beach for your night.

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