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Following a solid 8-year long honorable tenure serving our very own Commander in Chief, Cadillac’s proudly named “Beast” presidential limousine will be dropping its armor plating, and sent back into the pages of executive transportation history.  General Motors has been the sole beneficiary of the renowned privilege of producing our President’s personal mobile castle for roughly 30 years now. The Department of Homeland Security has once again offered the development rights to any company capable of meeting the world class criteria set forth by years of presidential protection and automotive innovation. It only makes sense that tough requirements be expected for becoming the transport of leader of the free world. We in South Florida understand the importance of great executive transportation in West Palm Beach so we can only imagine the expectation put on the transportation of U.S. President. A tank on wheels must be of American decent, and have the production company main offices and development factories based somewhere in the United States.

Presidential transports of the past were based on recent vehicles in their time however nowadays they are no longer based on a pre-existing platform. Instead they are developed from the ground up. Impenetrable marks the primary goal of this Presidential vehicle and his or her most-important of foreign dignitaries. Naturally, no specifics have been released on the procedures leading to the making of “The Beast” but it is believed that the armor is nearly 5 inches thick, completely bulletproof, and an air tight sealed cabin capable of warding off chemical threats when necessary. Such safety measures add up to an unofficial curb weight of possibly 10,000 lbs.

An American-made monster would seem to make sense. When looking to create the perfect vehicle for our president the first word that must come to mind is “America” which is to say “pure awesome.” Of course in keeping with the U.S government’s “green agenda,” alternative propulsion sources such as hybrid-power and CNG are also under consideration but we all know when driving through an ambush the last thing you want to be in is a hybrid. So we believe this vehicle will be backed by American muscle as most forms of executive transportation in West Palm Beach already are.

The finalists for the United States government contract are currently scheduled to take place August 29, 2014. With even more development continuing on from that point. We don’t know who all is in the running, but it is expected, that Cadillac has its name in the hat. When the official developer is chosen, the manufacturing portion will begin in a four step process, specifying parts from the most miniscule chassis details to the heart of the behemoth, with the first ride to be given to America’s 45th president at the beginning of their four-year term come January 2017. So stay tuned and keep your eye out for the next Presidential hot rod.

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