Limousine Service West Palm Beach: Business and Personal Uses

One of the most common uses for limousine Service in West Palm Beach is for business travel. There are so many businesses located in the West Palm Beach Area that it is one of the main business hubs in South Florida. Many companies hire Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine services to promote a professional appearance to the companies that the business person is representing. Our limousine service is hired by the company to take business representatives all over South Florida for various meetings and conferences that they may need to attend. With the traffic congestion in this area, this is a much easier way for the business traveler to move around Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade County.

One of the main reasons the business traveler would use our limousine service for is their business meetings is because when a business person arrives at a meeting in a limousine it promotes a professional look. This professional look comes in handy when the business professional is trying to convince a company to sell its shares or they want to sell the company a service. The air of professionalism that a limousine provides aides the business person in acquiring what he is after. The old motto that image is everything rings true in this respect. The more professional in appearance and mode of transportation, the more professional the company appears.

Another common use for our limousine service is for personal use. A lot of people travel to this area for the various cultural aspects. One of the most common uses though is for weddings. Weddings use limousines as a way to transport the bride and groom to the wedding and reception and from there to the airport for the honeymoon.

Many teenagers hire limousines for the prom as a way of showing off to their friends and impressing their dates. Some people also use limousine service for traveling to art and cultural events and operas. Some even use them to tour the area in style. This is especially true for new visitors to the West Palm Beach area. Our limousine can transport them all over the area without getting lost as opposed to a new visitor renting car and becoming lost. Hiring a limousine is a better way to go.

As for business travel our limousine service is also used to take clients to and from business related dinners and events. It cannot be stressed enough that it provides an air of professionalism to the company. Also for the newer business traveler to this area it gives them a way to get to social business events without getting lost. A lot of business professionals use a limo to attend private parties and dinners in addition to other personal events.

Our limousine service is a very popular form of travel in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Whether it be to a business meeting, wedding, prom or other event a lot of different people use Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine services. They provide an air of professionalism to the business traveler and an air of luxury for personal excursions. Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine services are available for your business or personal use. Choose our company and use our limousine services today to have a great time.

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Limousine Service West Palm Beach: Best Occasions to Employ Limo Service


When brides and grooms travel together in a Limousine from Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBTT) the premier limousine service in West Palm Beach, it makes them feel at ease and happy. The occasion is enhanced when you hire some luxury vehicle from our fleet for riding from your residence to event location. Today it is in fashion, following the marriage ceremony, that bride and groom can enjoy riding in a luxury limo from PBTT and leave all their travel arrangements to the professional staff at PBTT who have an extensive network system for travel and reservations, local, national and worldwide. So relax and not only leave the driving to us but also execution and implementation of your continuing itinerary.

Company Travel

An organization has their own team to search around the globe for their company purpose. The Palm Beach Tours & Transportation service assists them to catch their plane and transfer their things. They aid this team to reach their spot at right time and they know all locations within the city. The limousine service makes them comfortable and capable of really feel them totally free. Our chauffeurs are fully aware of all well-known spots and perfect places for our clients and their guests; for example restaurants, unique spot, hotels, and bars in the area.

Weekend with Friends

Every weekend pals have their own plans for fun and pleasure. They could travel to essential places within the area or they arrange some parties and invite their friends to their property. When a person hires PBTT’s limo service for travel to unique spots like hotel, club, and large malls for shopping, they arrive at their destination rested and relaxed and ready to enjoy the day’s and night’s activities.


Just like pals outing at night, the PBTT limo service driver might ride a couple on a date to comparable destinations appropriate for a dating couple. Our experienced limo service drivers knows how to maintain the good time feelings that are conducive to dating including respecting their privacy when it is called for by the conversation and actions of the couple.

Graduation Day

In every student’s life, graduation day is unforgettable! Allow it to be a lot more unique by hiring a Limousine from the luxury fleet of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation. Using one of our limos to attend the event allows for family and friend to be part of the graduation ceremony and celebration. From home to the event location PBTT limo service provides safe and comfortable service for the graduate and family. The rental from Palm Beach Tours & Transportation of a chauffeured Limo, Van or Party Bus is an additional way to reward the graduate for their effort throughout their college life.

Family Globe Tour

Vacation can also be one of many unforgettable memories for entire family. During your vacation some difficulties you have to face like where you have to park the vehicle, airport transfer and several other problems can be avoided by using the services of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation. If you are on your vacation you are entitled to appreciate each and every moment along with your family, but if the concentration is where you can park the car, etc. you will by no means appreciate your vacation with your family. To avoid this issue you need to hire Palm Beach Tours & Transportation’s limo service and they will look after all you transportation and travel requirements so you can truly enjoy your family vacation.

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Limousine Service West Palm Beach: Uses

Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBTT) limousine service can be used for many reasons. The most common personal reason is for a bachelor or bachelorette party. When a person has this type of party, their close friends take them out for a night on the town. This usually involves drinking. With PBTT limousine service you won’t have to worry about who will drive. You will have a driver already. You tell them the destination; they drive. It is a perfect setup for those that are looking for this type of fun. They will also make sure to keep the night going with all the amenities a limo has to offer. The PBTT limousine service is perfect for these events.

They are also great for those times where you want to impress a loved one. You might want to impress them “just because” or for your anniversary. You may even want to hire PBTT limousine service because you are looking to propose. Whatever the event, PBTT limousine service makes the occasion more memorable. Not only that, but your loved one will also think that getting a limo is not only thoughtful, but also shows you how highly you think of them. You won’t have to worry about the minor details. You will be able to focus your attention on the more important details of the night.

You can also take PBTT limousine service home from the airport. Many people choose to ride a limo from an airport to their destination. This is because often times a limo will cost the same as a car rental or hiring a car service for the same distance. Why choose a regular size car when you could have a limo instead? This seems like an easy answer, however, not many people actually think about it. Most people just automatically assume they cannot afford limousine service. If you are someone that also thinks this way, call us at 561-203-0404 for limousine service prices. You will be completely surprised at how affordable it can be!

There are some things you must know before hiring a limousine service. You need to know that it is imperative to compare prices, just as you would anything else. Keeping the price range in the middle is the best way to go. If it is too low, there is probably a reason why. A midrange service will give you a newer limo, great service and a fair price. Be sure to also check if the taxes and tip are included in the cost as well.

All in all, you can use Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine service for a myriad of reasons. Whichever reason fits your particular situation, make sure you utilize a limo for the maximum effect. When comparing the cost of a rental car or cab service to drive you around, our limo service is a killer deal. You will not only receive more room and more amenities for your money, you will receive better service and have a great time!

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Limousine Service West Palm Beach: All Occasions

Limousines are a way to make a statement for many special occasions. Weddings, proms, and trips to and from the airport are enhanced with a ride in style. Many individuals and groups rent limousine service for their event from the go to premier limousine service in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation, in order to make it special and unforgettable.

Proms are one of the most popular events that customers look for limousines. When teenagers are celebrating the end of high school and the beginning of a new chapter, you want to be sure that they arrive home safely. By utilizing limousines service on prom night, kids can get together in one vehicle and parents can help ensure there are fewer drunk drivers on the road.

Wedding Limo services are also very popular. Often touted as “the most important day of your life”, you should arrive in style for your big day and leave to start the new chapter with your loved one in the clutches of a romantic and memorable vehicle. For wedding day services, you will also want to consider transportation for the wedding party as well as a unique getaway car for the bride and groom. Honeymoon travel may also include a limo trip to the airport.

Airport limousine service is one of the most popular and frequent forms of car rental services year-round on a day-to-day basis. While proms happen in the spring and weddings usually occur in the spring and summer, airport travel is all year long and often the bread and butter of many limo companies. The convenience of transport to the airport in a limo is surpassed only by the quality, reliability and experience of your driver. Make sure you get to the airport on time and stress-free with a relaxing trip in one of the luxury Limousines from Palm Beach Tours & Transportation. You can also get several people to the airport at once for a business trip in a larger stretch vehicle.

The variety of occasions for this type of driving service is only rivaled by the number of different types of limousines available for rent. Whether you are looking for a stretch, town car, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Hummer, SUV, party bus, or limo car, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation has what you are looking for. Be sure to contact them well in advance of your event to ensure the vehicle you desire will be available.

Make your next event unforgettable with the services of a driver and sleek black vehicle. Arrive and leave in style and safety with reliable quality and experienced drivers. Weather getting you there for business or pleasure; trust our professionals at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation for Limousine service in West Palm Beach. If you would like further information about our services or have any limousine transportation questions you are invited to contact us at 561-203-0404.

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Limousine Service West Palm Beach: Flu Season

The Flu season is once again upon us. You can hardly forget about it when every major pharmacy is got signs out that you can get your Flu shot here! Advertisement after advertisement again reminds us its Flu season and we have all your cold supplies on sale. Being knocked down by the Flu Bug will cause you to not feel very well but also provide a variety of symptoms like cough, runny stuffed nose, fever, aches and pains, etc. In addition days missed from work or even worse you keep working and infecting coworkers and not really meeting your work potential because you are miserable. This time of year it is more important than ever to protect ourselves against the germs that invade our daily surroundings. Top tier providers of executive transportation and limousine service in West Palm Beach, like Palm Beach Tours & Transportation are acutely aware of the devastation of Flu season not only on the general population but also business men and executives that are responsible to so many others such as employees, stockholders, constituents and of course customers and clients can ill afford to be down with the Flu.

We are all familiar with the instructions of health providers like wash our hands as often as we can, with soap and warm water, especially before every meal. Only as we all too often find out with all the super germs and super viruses coming at us from every angle, we still may get the Flu. We still want to protect business and clients from everyday germs so we do what we can to mitigate and manage the cold and flu season.

At Palm Beach Tours& Transportation we have implemented a proactive system to minimize exposure to our clients by ensuring that our vehicles meet a high level of cleanliness. Our clients are used to travelling in our impeccably maintained vehicles but it is imperative to our business and to our clients that we incorporate this system to guarantee that our clients are traveling in a vehicle that has been sanitized to prevent possible exposure to germs and conditions that are causes connected with the Flu.

At the completion of each and every ride the Chauffeur is responsible for sanitizing their vehicles with an anti-bacterial organic cleaner by efficiently and effectively wiping down and cleaning the entire interior of the vehicle including but not limited to; Door handles, inside and out, Seats and head cushions, Arms rests, Seat belt and seat belt locks, Windows, windows controls and levers, Climate controls and levers, Radio nobs, Cup holders, Privacy dividers, and Magazine holders.

In addition, after each tour our professional cleaning and detail team details and washes each vehicle. That procedure includes but is not limited to steam cleaning the carpets, seats, head rests; they scrub, polish and sanitize each vehicle from grill to trunk, inside and out before it leaves the door, so yes, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is very confident that we can manage the Flu season, the germs have no defense against us!

If you would like to know more about how are vehicles are sanitized to protect from the Flu Bug or any information relating to limousine service in West Palm Beach or rentals for any occasion including executive transportation or luxury group transportation services, you are invited to call Palm Beach Tours & Transportation at 561-203-0404.

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