Limousine Service West Palm Beach: Making Your Business Travel Easier

If you are someone who travels for business a great deal, you understand the importance of Limousine Service in West Palm Beach for making your travel easier and smooth as possible cannot be denied. You need to be able to minimize the amount of time that you are unavailable, and limit the amount of time that you are not productive and able to work.  Unfortunately, when many people travel for business, they spend a great amount of time behind the wheel of a rental car. Even travel to and from the airport can consume large amounts of time.  In the end, you really can make the most of business travel time by engaging Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBTT) to assist you with your transportation needs.

Very often when a person is on a business trip a great deal of time can end up wasted while in transit. Efficiency and productivity are the hallmarks of professional success.  Therefore, in the end, you need to be able to make the best use of your time.  And, time spent behind the wheel of a car is wasted. Therefore, by making use of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine service will enable you to maximize your time.  For example, when you are spending what can amount to an hour or two going back and forth from airport, you can put that time to good use working in the back of a relaxing PBTT limousine.

Another reason why you will want to consider Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine service when it comes to business travel pertains to your budget.  If you have never used a limousine service previously, you may assume that it is overly expensive.  The fact is that using PBTT limo service can prove to be a cost effective alternative. Rather than spend an unseemly amount of money on parking your automobile at the airport if you are traveling from the airports in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami. In addition avoiding high car rental fees and the associated inconvenience if you are traveling into one of the aforementioned airports, you can spend what will amount to a reasonable amount of money on a limo service to and from that airport.

The pressure of a business trip actually can prove to be immense.  Even when you are traveling on business you need some down time.  It goes without saying that driving in South Florida absolutely is not what one can consider relaxing.  Therefore, you can rejuvenate yourself and relax at least to some degree by taking advantage of PBTT limousine service.  Considering how much time you will be traveling by car – even to and from the airport – you actually will be able to enjoy what can amount to a decent amount of time relaxing.

Finally, as part of your business trip you likely will find yourself having to spend at least some time entertaining associates or colleagues you are meeting with.  Obviously, the West Palm Beach area offers a wide range of different options in this regard.  In the end, the best way you can take advantage of these options and opportunities is not only to use PBTT limousine service for airport transport but to use a limo for events such as these.  You will ensure that your attention to your colleagues will be well remembered.

When all is said and done there are many benefits that you can take advantage of when it comes to making use of the professional limousine service of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation; making the most out of your business travel – and not sacrificing your own comfort and peace of mind in the process.

If you’d like to understand much more about our Limousine Service in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas and how we can meet all your business travel needs; or executive transportation or luxury group transportation, call 561-203-0404 to speak to the professionals here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.


Executive Transportation Palm Beach: The Choices

South Florida is one among the foremost well-liked traveler destinations within the world and attracts legion guests once a year. With the various miles of Atlantic Coast beaches, splendid cities and native communities, the art movement, deep ocean fishing and plenty of additional attractions. Personal and business transportation will become a difficulty for plenty of people to find executive transportation in Palm Beach. In fact in the future people who visit the area on business or pleasure or a combination of business and pleasure; finding smart, economical executive transportation in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami and the respective surrounding areas and communities can facilitate guarantee timetable problems as well as prevent negative results from disgruntled business prospects, group meetings with associates and even friends that you have scheduled an outing with. Vital business transpires at these highly structured meetings and conferences with a Time Line to be followed so that the Agenda and or meeting and or conference involves more than just you as far as a time itinerary that must be abided by for such matters so all participants are on the time line schedule. The answers to this type of problem are what a Company like Palm Beach Tours & Transportation specializes in. We provide a fleet to choose from that is recognized as the premier executive transportation fleet for executive transportation in Palm Beach and the surrounding South Florida Communities. The inclusion of holidays days during your business trip can make your executive transportation business transportation company shy away from such an difficult time because of your business/pleasure itinerary which incorporates not only plenty of holiday merry making with friends and family as well as doing business. Fortunately, executive transportation Palm Beach residents have trusted and depended on for over 2 decades is just a phone call away at 561-203-0404.

Luxury Sedan and Car Choices

Professionals from Palm Beach Tours & Transportation uses numinous scenarios involving square measure within the Palm Beach area to provide or suggest what luxury sedans, limo, stretch limo, executive van or even party bus and car service best suited to your all around needs required for your executive transportation in Palm Beach. Our professionals will provide you with a choice of Car, Amenities, Number of riders and the experience to discuss your choices in detail. Having a zealous driver aware of a multitude of the local activities {the square measure/the world/ and the realm} allows for instant changes or revisions to your itinerary and guarantee vital business matters are over in smart order.

Mini Bus Rentals for Teams

Sometimes a gaggle is giant enough that even once on a business trip a mini bus is that the most suitable choice for around town meetings and conferences. Most newer mini buses with spacious seating and straightforward access to passengers who will ride in comfort and converse with each other traveling from one destination to another. Drivers of mini buses endure special coaching to assist in our guarantee they drive safely and can have passengers enjoying their rides whiles seeing the assorted sights within the area. A mini bus tour could be a good way to require a business meeting in exciting venues and allowing for our expert experienced and knowledable drivers and staff to provide riders most current business environments and social activities that they may wish to attend.

Friendly and Skilled Transportation

There square measure several outstanding skilled transportation services suppliers in South Florida, and most provide the latest and cleanest vehicles that square measure driven by courteous and skilled drivers. Palm Beach Tours & Transportation has many years of expertise pleasing business travellers as well as vacationers. They are equipped with the latest and cleanest luxury sedans, limousines and mini buses available for executive transportation in Palm Beach.

If you would like additional information concerning executive transportation in Palm Beach or still have questions; you are invited to contact the experienced staff at Palm Beach Tours and Transportation at 561-203-0404.

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Executive Transportation West Palm Beach: Transportation for VIPs

Choosing VIP Transportation

In West Palm Beach the competition for VIPs in need of executive transportation is fierce! Palm Beach Tours & Transportation knows that VIPs have so many choices that they can make a bad choice based on all the wrong factors. The wrong decision can be not only stressful, but also impact the nature of the business that the VIP is here to attend to! This article discusses suggestions for choosing your executive transportation provider.


Use the internet to investigate the service that you are considering using. Check for their reviews (Yelp) and use social media sources as well as word of mouth to check out their service and dependability. These sources give you an idea as to the reputation of the carrier and how they take care of their VIP clients.

Network Size

While traveling, it’s important to know where and with whom the company you trust with your transportation services is doing business with. It takes a lot of work to build a network and this is not something that can be done with just anyone, especially with high level clientele. Palm Beach Tours & Transportation has affiliates in most major cities as well as the ability through their reservation system to make arrangements for VIP transportation services not only in the US but in most foreign destinations.

Fleet Quality and Size

The fleet of vehicles that a company may have may not contain the vehicle suitable to your VIP needs and desires. Ask the questions you need answered about the company’s available executive vehicles and if you want a specific vehicle, make sure they have one in their fleet; also that it has the amenities that you want and need.

Flight Tracking and Technology

You don’t have time to check with the transportation service on the other end of the flight to see whether they are aware of delayed flights. Make sure to inquire how the company tracks incoming and outgoing flights and how Dispatch oversees GPS location of the vehicles. Many companies also offer satellite TV, Wi-Fi, flats screen TVs and other services that allow business to be done on the go.

Dispatch Staffing Hours

Finally, you want a carrier that is available 24/7 not only with staff but a reservation system that is interactive and always aware of your trip itinerary as well as your personal profile relating to you requirements for luxury transportation services. Confusion doesn’t stop after hours so make sure you know when you will be able to get a hold of someone should something interfere with the itinerary.

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The Bidding War Has Begun For The Next Presidential Limo

Executive Transportation West Palm Beach

Following a solid 8-year long honorable tenure serving our very own Commander in Chief, Cadillac’s proudly named “Beast” presidential limousine will be dropping its armor plating, and sent back into the pages of executive transportation history.  General Motors has been the sole beneficiary of the renowned privilege of producing our President’s personal mobile castle for roughly 30 years now. The Department of Homeland Security has once again offered the development rights to any company capable of meeting the world class criteria set forth by years of presidential protection and automotive innovation. It only makes sense that tough requirements be expected for becoming the transport of leader of the free world. We in South Florida understand the importance of great executive transportation in West Palm Beach so we can only imagine the expectation put on the transportation of U.S. President. A tank on wheels must be of American decent, and have the production company main offices and development factories based somewhere in the United States.

Presidential transports of the past were based on recent vehicles in their time however nowadays they are no longer based on a pre-existing platform. Instead they are developed from the ground up. Impenetrable marks the primary goal of this Presidential vehicle and his or her most-important of foreign dignitaries. Naturally, no specifics have been released on the procedures leading to the making of “The Beast” but it is believed that the armor is nearly 5 inches thick, completely bulletproof, and an air tight sealed cabin capable of warding off chemical threats when necessary. Such safety measures add up to an unofficial curb weight of possibly 10,000 lbs.

An American-made monster would seem to make sense. When looking to create the perfect vehicle for our president the first word that must come to mind is “America” which is to say “pure awesome.” Of course in keeping with the U.S government’s “green agenda,” alternative propulsion sources such as hybrid-power and CNG are also under consideration but we all know when driving through an ambush the last thing you want to be in is a hybrid. So we believe this vehicle will be backed by American muscle as most forms of executive transportation in West Palm Beach already are.

The finalists for the United States government contract are currently scheduled to take place August 29, 2014. With even more development continuing on from that point. We don’t know who all is in the running, but it is expected, that Cadillac has its name in the hat. When the official developer is chosen, the manufacturing portion will begin in a four step process, specifying parts from the most miniscule chassis details to the heart of the behemoth, with the first ride to be given to America’s 45th president at the beginning of their four-year term come January 2017. So stay tuned and keep your eye out for the next Presidential hot rod.

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Executive Transportation North Palm Beach

The South Florida area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and draws millions of visitors every year. With the many miles of beaches, magnificent cities and local communities, deep sea fishing and many more attractions nearby, personal, group and business transportation can become an issue for a lot of visitors. And for those who visit the area while on business trips, finding good, efficient executive transportation in North Palm Beach and other cities and communities will help ensure timetables are met and important business transpires without transportation issues. Fortunately, there are many good alternatives for family, group and executive transportation in North Palm Beach and nearby communities. 

Luxury Sedan and Limousine Options
Professionals who are in the Palm Beach area can utilize luxury sedans and limousine services among a multitude of options. Having a dedicated driver who knows the area well will make it easier to get around while in South Florida and ensure important business matters are concluded in good order. And when leasing a luxury sedan or limousine for executive transportation in North Palm Beach and other communities, most transportation companies will provide a trained and experienced driver who has passed various background checks and whose driving expertise is assured through licensing and training programs. That makes it much easier to get business done even while en route from the airport to the hotel or other destinations while in the North Palm Beach area.

Mini Bus Rentals for Groups
Sometimes a group is large enough that even when on a business trip a mini bus is the best option for getting around and ensuring all meetings are attended as needed. Most newer mini buses are comfortable with spacious seating and easy access so passengers can ride in comfort and converse with one another while traveling from one destination to another. Drivers of mini buses undergo special training to help ensure they drive safely and will have passengers enjoying their rides while seeing the various sights in the area. A mini bus tour is a great way to take a business meeting to an exciting venue and give attendees an experience they could not have inside most traditional business environments, like a typical conference room or office building.

Friendly and Affordable Professional Transportation
There are many outstanding professional transportation services providers in South Florida, and most offer the newest and cleanest vehicles that are driven by courteous and professional drivers. The Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is an example of a local professional transportation company that has many years of experience pleasing business clients and others. Equipped with some of the newest and cleanest luxury sedans, limousines and mini buses in South Florida, truly professional transportation is available.

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