West Palm Beach Limousine Services: The Right Vehicle for the Right Occasion

In West Palm Beach, limousine services from Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBTT) have become the premier go to Limousine Company for luxury transportation. Today, a large segment of the population comprised of not only individuals but also organizations have been satisfying their traveling needs via high-class limousines services.  Do you need high-class limo? Are you planning to seek the services of party limousines or party vans and buses? Individual or group you will need to contact a professionally organized and reliable limousine service in an attempt to satisfy your individual needs & requirements perfectly. That limousine service is Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.

Most importantly a broader variety of luxury vehicles from PBTT has been providing luxury transportation solutions for our respected clients for many years now giving us the experience to offer superlative limousine services for any and all difficult logistical situations saving you our client time and energy. Are you looking for amazingly magnificent plus cost-effective limousine services? If you are wishing for that, please do not think twice about contacting Palm Beach Tours & Transportation’s professionals that are waiting to take your call or Internet inquiry. Our objective is simple , high-class limousine services  at reasonable prices, based on the vehicle, the number of travelers and the length of time transporting those travelers be it one in an executive sedan or 65 in a Corporate Coach.

For example if you want to create a holiday trip to this area, nothing will be a better choice for you than selecting PBTT because we will really provide you a great relief of mind and self satisfaction about your trip plans requiring pre arranged transportation in comfort, style and luxury. Meanwhile enough people, college kids, university college students and business tycoons are enjoying our limousine services throughout the Palm Beaches and other places of interest in the area.

A great reason for selecting PBTT is that you will feel a huge stress relief and really look forward to leisure and luxury. Our limousine services and solutions allow you to create your social plans and activities that you desire and will please you or your fellow travelers, without the stress and aggravation of transportation logistics. You can utilize this freedom to create your party night that is enchanting and enjoyable or maybe to celebrate your anniversary that is unforgettable in your lifetime reminiscences.

You can create many other social activities that will be unforgettable in your reminiscences after selecting PBTT such as Dad’s Day, Woman’s Day, Christmas, and Easter etc. Maybe you want to propose to your sweet heart during the functions of Valentines Day Trip. Throw a party for any and all desirable occasions by using one of many different party vans or buses available from PBTT’s vast verity of luxury vehicles at affordable rates. Further you could seek our services for dance & music concert limos. In short, you could get all these types of limousine services and solutions from Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.

If you’d like to know more about our West Palm Beach Limousine Services or the multiple uses of our Limo Transportation Fleet for executive transportation or luxury group transportation, call 561-203-0404 to speak to the professionals here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.


West Palm Beach Limousine Services: The Gold Standard

When traveling in the West Palm Beach area, our company, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBTT), makes the stay more enjoyable and productive for those who are on the road constantly. PBTT provides customers with late model well equipped vehicles from a sedan like a Lincoln Towncar to luxury stretch limousines and more. Our certified and insured chauffeurs deliver superior service that sets the industry standard for professionalism, expertise and knowledge. We offer a qualification of flexibility, reliability, knowledge and attention to detail that meet all your travel needs and exceeds all your expectations.

All our drivers are subject to thorough background investigations, motor vehicle record audits and drug testing. We promote driver safety through the ongoing review of driver records.

PBTT chauffeur services maintain the highest level of responsibility for all drivers. Comfort, safety, and satisfaction guaranteed. We do more than any other company to ensure our chauffeurs are the gold standard for limousine driver services.

Whenever you have an upcoming event, function, doctor’s appointment or a business meeting and prefer not to drive, limousine chauffeur service can be quite affordable and a preferred alternative.

We believe that our services to clients should not be rocket science. Instead, we believe that it should be simple: You call, your PBTT limousine with a fully insured chauffeur arrives on time, and he drives safely from pickup to delivery to your destination and return while you ride comfortably. That’s it! Simply.

We are known as one of the most sought after limousine companies in the West Palm Beach area not only because of 5 star service but also our extensive fleet of everything from a executive sedan to a Corporate Coach that can accommodate up to 65 people in absolute comfort and luxury enabling us to provide superlative transportation services to a larger network of clients. Whether you just need a ride to or from the airport, or are looking to use a car service for business meetings or special occasions, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is equipped to meet your needs. Our large fleet of luxury vehicles, each of which is equipped with everything you need to make the ride stress free by having all necessary amenities luxury travel.

If you’d like to know more about our West Palm Beach Limousine Services or the multiple uses of our Limo Transportation Fleet for executive transportation or luxury group transportation, call 561-203-0404 to speak to the professionals here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.


Limousine Transportation West Palm Beach: Services- Principals- Fleet

Our company, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBTT), has been operating in this area since 1999 and is a leader in limousine transportation in West Palm Beach as well as recognized for all attendant VIP services. We specialize in providing world class transport all types of vehicles.  We offer private tours in spacious cars, led by multilingual guides – VIP services and VIP hospitality services are not offered here but through our state of the art reservations system and network, nationally and abroad. Our company has well-trained staff, and operating under strict standards, make hundreds of bookings every month.

Our operations and its administrative offices are located in West Palm Beach. Our company provides services 24 hours a day, and its service offices are available 24/7 for our clients’ transportation needs in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Variety of Limousine Services

We here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation believe in providing a complete and comprehensive range of services, allowing our professionals to offer our customers complete solutions.

Each client is provided with a customized service package specifically tailored to their needs and logistics, with selected services from the wide variety of special services available – transport services, professional drivers, tour excursions, briefings on topics of weddings and other events, etc.

The company’s services are divided into several main departments:

  •              Transportation services at the airport.
  • Transportation services for weddings, prom, special holidays, conferences, conventions, sporting events and any matter requiring extensive logistic coordination.
  •             Hourly transportation services.

From very beginning of our operations activity, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation has cultivated high standards of quality, ensuring that clients receive professional and reliable service and personalized attention.

Service Quality Policy Core Principles

  • Focus on the customer – the company focuses on customer wants and needs, and works to provide appropriate solutions with an emphasis on personal service and dedication. We ensure the availability of a focal point in the company, which is responsible for providing the requested service, remains in constant contact with the client and ensure all services come with complete customer satisfaction.
  • Improve performance and service – To ensure customer satisfaction, the company constantly strives to improve the performance and quality of service.
  • Customer satisfaction as a core component of the company’s reputation – Our company views customer satisfaction as the most important factor in building the company’s reputation. Customer satisfaction is the key to success!

PBTT’s Fleet

Our Limousine Fleet of vehicles includes many different types of vehicles;

Luxury Vehicles: 1 to 8 Passengers

  • Luxury Sedan, Premium Luxury Sedan, Premium SUV, Exotic Luxury Sedan and Executive Sprinter

Party Vehicles:  5 to 24 Passengers

  •              Stretch Limo, Stretch SUV, Party Bus, and Sprinter Limousine

People Movers: 10 to 65 Passengers

  •             Passenger Van, Sprinter, Mini Bus, Mini Coach, and Motor Coach

In addition, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation has extensive experience in mobilizing adequate vehicles for special projects that require a very large fleet of vehicles.

If you’d like to know more about our West Palm Beach Limousine Services or the multiple uses of our Limousine Transportation Fleet for executive transportation or luxury group transportation, call 561-203-0404 to speak to the professionals here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.


West Palm Beach Limousine: Drivers and Services

The Best West Palm Beach Limousine Drivers and Services can be found right here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation. All our drivers are English speaking professionals, fully qualified and well aware of road and traffic conditions in the region. We pride ourselves of having friendly staff who will do everything possible to make your luxury transportation from point “A” to Point “B” pleasant and comfortable.
If you need a private transportation from airport to hotel, from an important meeting to another, from one location to another, your chauffeur and our logistics specialists here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation will coordinate their best efforts to make the most of your most valuable time when it comes to business!

Why endure a taxi crowd when everyone is waiting for the same thing or spend time at the car rental counter to drive yourself, when you can work efficiently to make a business meeting, plan a meeting or simply relax in a Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine. Our drivers are professional and will be a knowledgeable guide with tips on where to dine, where to shop and what to see and do. These drivers are committed to confidentiality and to diligently provide services that meets your individual needs.

Your Palm Beach Tours & Transportation driver has been chosen to supply your truly personalized services specifically to meet your needs during your time traveling with us in the West Palm Beach area! Your chauffeur and vehicle will be there whenever you need them. Count on us and you can travel without worry, with total flexibility and comfort provided by the professionals at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.
Just landed at airport; no problem! You do not need to stand in line for taxis or wait for an available taxi with their uncertain rates, or drag bags around searching for public transport. Our Palm Beach Tours & Transportation PALM BEACH Palm Beach Tours & Transportation Transfer from the airport is the most simple and economical way to reach your destination. Our professional and friendly English speaking drivers will meet you at the airport terminal, hotel lobby or your home address, holding a sign with your name on it and will help with your luggage and take you to the destination our very comfortable vehicles at prices fixed at time of your reservation.
Our pricing policy is very competitive. The price provided at the booking reservation and displayed by our easy to use from anywhere state of the art on line reservation system is the price you pay, no hidden costs for late arrivals, luggage, tolls, fuel, etc.
All our vehicles here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation are registered and in accordance with all relevant legislation and insurance requirements. They are equipped with the latest technology and ample space for your luggage and equipment.
If you’d like to know more about our West Palm Beach Limousine Drivers and Services or the multiple uses of our Limo Transportation Service in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas for executive transportation or luxury group transportation, call 561-203-0404 to speak to the professionals here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.


Limousine Service West Palm Beach: Making Your Business Travel Easier

If you are someone who travels for business a great deal, you understand the importance of Limousine Service in West Palm Beach for making your travel easier and smooth as possible cannot be denied. You need to be able to minimize the amount of time that you are unavailable, and limit the amount of time that you are not productive and able to work.  Unfortunately, when many people travel for business, they spend a great amount of time behind the wheel of a rental car. Even travel to and from the airport can consume large amounts of time.  In the end, you really can make the most of business travel time by engaging Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBTT) to assist you with your transportation needs.

Very often when a person is on a business trip a great deal of time can end up wasted while in transit. Efficiency and productivity are the hallmarks of professional success.  Therefore, in the end, you need to be able to make the best use of your time.  And, time spent behind the wheel of a car is wasted. Therefore, by making use of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine service will enable you to maximize your time.  For example, when you are spending what can amount to an hour or two going back and forth from airport, you can put that time to good use working in the back of a relaxing PBTT limousine.

Another reason why you will want to consider Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limousine service when it comes to business travel pertains to your budget.  If you have never used a limousine service previously, you may assume that it is overly expensive.  The fact is that using PBTT limo service can prove to be a cost effective alternative. Rather than spend an unseemly amount of money on parking your automobile at the airport if you are traveling from the airports in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami. In addition avoiding high car rental fees and the associated inconvenience if you are traveling into one of the aforementioned airports, you can spend what will amount to a reasonable amount of money on a limo service to and from that airport.

The pressure of a business trip actually can prove to be immense.  Even when you are traveling on business you need some down time.  It goes without saying that driving in South Florida absolutely is not what one can consider relaxing.  Therefore, you can rejuvenate yourself and relax at least to some degree by taking advantage of PBTT limousine service.  Considering how much time you will be traveling by car – even to and from the airport – you actually will be able to enjoy what can amount to a decent amount of time relaxing.

Finally, as part of your business trip you likely will find yourself having to spend at least some time entertaining associates or colleagues you are meeting with.  Obviously, the West Palm Beach area offers a wide range of different options in this regard.  In the end, the best way you can take advantage of these options and opportunities is not only to use PBTT limousine service for airport transport but to use a limo for events such as these.  You will ensure that your attention to your colleagues will be well remembered.

When all is said and done there are many benefits that you can take advantage of when it comes to making use of the professional limousine service of Palm Beach Tours & Transportation; making the most out of your business travel – and not sacrificing your own comfort and peace of mind in the process.

If you’d like to understand much more about our Limousine Service in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas and how we can meet all your business travel needs; or executive transportation or luxury group transportation, call 561-203-0404 to speak to the professionals here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.


Limousine Services West Palm Beach: Limo Rentals

When you want to celebrate with your friends and family the best option is to choose Palm Beach Tours & Transportation limos. We have the best luxury sedan cars which will provide a lot of comfort for your raveling needs. Our limousine service is well known for its variety of vehicles, facilities, worldwide reservation service and the cost. For all those who do not want to compromise with the comfort for the less cost we are the best available option for all your limo rentals.

If you are planning to go for an outing along with your family then call us and get to know about the different packages available. The staff will take a quick note on your requirement regarding the place you are going to visit and the number of days of travel. Based on the number of miles you are going to travel we will provide the best rate for the chosen model of limo. It is not that difficult to get limo service in the West Palm Beach area as there are many service providers in the area but we recommend you to choose us as the best choice as we are recognized as the premier Limousine service in the West Palm Beach area. Sometimes you may end up with extra days of travel, if that situation arises all you need to do is inform us and extend your travel without any penalty to be paid. If you have not arranged for any rooms for stay then we will help you in getting them at your said location. We treat the customers with great respect by providing the best West Palm Beach limousine service at your door step.

If you are reaching West Palm Beach by air and want to reach your staying location then just give a call to us prior and we will provide you with our Palm Beach Tours & Transportation airport limousine service.

If you are interested in making a wedding ceremony that will be memorable then here is your chance. We have different design late model cars which are best suited for a wedding ceremony. You can impress all your friends and relatives by opting for a limo for the best affordable cost from us at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.

Students who are to be graduated or waiting for the prom celebration use our limo service because we are there throughout your journey and we will make your day outstanding! You can select different limo models for the best rate. There are stretch limos which can accommodate more than 10 people and also limo vans and buses for up to 55 people. We will drive you to all your required locations to enjoy the day along with your friends. We will pick up and drop off all your people wherever! The wide variety of limo types, our reservation system and customer service par excellence puts us at the head of the list in providing limo service in West Palm Beach.

If you are going for a long trip with family or friends and whether you need to hire a limo or a bus for your travelling needs; Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is your go to because we have all your needs for transportation with many different varieties of limos according to your requirement.

If you’d like to understand much more about our Limousine Services in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas and how we can meet all your needs for just about any occasion; or executive transportation or luxury group transportation, call 561-203-0404 to speak to our professionals here at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation.


Limo Bus West Palm Beach: Uses of a Limousine Bus

For big parties, plenty of people and fun on-the-go, a limo bus West Palm Beach residents and visitors have access to from the professionals at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBT&T), offers ample room, music, spacious seating and stylish lighting. You will find a number of different limo buses available, and they are not whatsoever like the city bus that drops you off in the evening. They are incredible party buses with a lot of options and class built in. Limo party buses are specifically unique and made to include special Lighting, big screen television, multichannel audio, portable fridge plus much more. You will find a lot of uses for a limo bus, but these are merely a couple of the occasions that deserve an outrageous evening on the limo bus.

Pre-Wedding Bashes for Bachelors and Bachelorettes

For those who have someone going to view four hrs of the marriage ceremony, you need to take the time to possess a little fun in advance. Typically it’s to the bridesmaid or best guy to organize a celebration such as this; however, you can’t fail having a large party bus that seats as much as 15 people. You are able to transport the audience securely, dance to music and ride in luxury towards your destination.

Escape Inside a Luxury Tour Bus

Traditional city tour buses just aren’t that exciting. For large families or groups of buddies, why don’t you plan an excursion of the favorite places in the West Palm Beach area in a PBTT party bus limo. If you wish to travel in luxury and together with all your buddies, it is simple to go to all the best bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping spots, and points of interest in the area. You may also create your own itinerary and have a tour of any area that our limo buses can go!

Its Graduation Evening

There is nothing much better than honoring a freshly granted degree with your pals inside a party bus limo. This makes an incredible gift for somebody who has made it to graduation and really wants to get to celebrate. Senior high school graduates especially love the posh and excitement to be inside a limo with own private chauffeur. Limo buses will also be a secure and fun choice for more youthful people.

Sporting Occasions

Likely when going to the game of the century you have got a lot of individuals in your party! If you employ a limo party bus, you won’t just get to travel in style and steer clear of dealing with the traffic, it will not be necessary to wait hrs to locate an automobile parking space, and you may even produce the ultimate tailgate party bus. The limo party bus causes it to be simple to pre-game and merely watch the most recent football stats in hi-def on big screen televisions or pay attention to statistics with multichannel audio entertainment.

A Promenade-Worthy Affair

Proms along with other dances are not just for couples. It comes down to investing time together with your close friends and getting in lots of fun. Party limo buses are a good choice for teens headed to a large dance evening. They are able to meet somewhere safe, take pictures and party in style having a chauffeur.

If you’d like to understand much more about our Limo Bus rentals and services for just about any occasion, or executive transportation or luxury group transportation, you’re asked to contact Palm Beach Tours & Transportation at 561-203-0404.


Limousine Service West Palm Beach: Flu Season

The Flu season is once again upon us. You can hardly forget about it when every major pharmacy is got signs out that you can get your Flu shot here! Advertisement after advertisement again reminds us its Flu season and we have all your cold supplies on sale. Being knocked down by the Flu Bug will cause you to not feel very well but also provide a variety of symptoms like cough, runny stuffed nose, fever, aches and pains, etc. In addition days missed from work or even worse you keep working and infecting coworkers and not really meeting your work potential because you are miserable. This time of year it is more important than ever to protect ourselves against the germs that invade our daily surroundings. Top tier providers of executive transportation and limousine service in West Palm Beach, like Palm Beach Tours & Transportation are acutely aware of the devastation of Flu season not only on the general population but also business men and executives that are responsible to so many others such as employees, stockholders, constituents and of course customers and clients can ill afford to be down with the Flu.

We are all familiar with the instructions of health providers like wash our hands as often as we can, with soap and warm water, especially before every meal. Only as we all too often find out with all the super germs and super viruses coming at us from every angle, we still may get the Flu. We still want to protect business and clients from everyday germs so we do what we can to mitigate and manage the cold and flu season.

At Palm Beach Tours& Transportation we have implemented a proactive system to minimize exposure to our clients by ensuring that our vehicles meet a high level of cleanliness. Our clients are used to travelling in our impeccably maintained vehicles but it is imperative to our business and to our clients that we incorporate this system to guarantee that our clients are traveling in a vehicle that has been sanitized to prevent possible exposure to germs and conditions that are causes connected with the Flu.

At the completion of each and every ride the Chauffeur is responsible for sanitizing their vehicles with an anti-bacterial organic cleaner by efficiently and effectively wiping down and cleaning the entire interior of the vehicle including but not limited to; Door handles, inside and out, Seats and head cushions, Arms rests, Seat belt and seat belt locks, Windows, windows controls and levers, Climate controls and levers, Radio nobs, Cup holders, Privacy dividers, and Magazine holders.

In addition, after each tour our professional cleaning and detail team details and washes each vehicle. That procedure includes but is not limited to steam cleaning the carpets, seats, head rests; they scrub, polish and sanitize each vehicle from grill to trunk, inside and out before it leaves the door, so yes, Palm Beach Tours & Transportation is very confident that we can manage the Flu season, the germs have no defense against us!

If you would like to know more about how are vehicles are sanitized to protect from the Flu Bug or any information relating to limousine service in West Palm Beach or rentals for any occasion including executive transportation or luxury group transportation services, you are invited to call Palm Beach Tours & Transportation at 561-203-0404.

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Limo Rental Palm Beach: What Makes a Great Chauffeur

What Makes a Great Chauffeur?

It seems that every company that does Limo Rental in Palm Beach likes to say they have the best chauffeurs in town. That prompted us to set about determine why our professional drivers stand out from the rest of the competition.

Industry research provided four characteristics that great chauffeurs should exemplify:

Know Your City

Just being able to navigate the streets and roads or knowing where places are is not going to cut it as a professional. You have to know the traffic patterns, not just for rush hour times and roadways but also local area of slowdowns that lead to tie-ups and delays, like construction areas, and what are the best times to avoid them. Know the different drive times that are optimum in any given area as well as those that must be avoided at certain times of the day and the back roads that can be used to avoid those areas, just like the locals have already discovered and use. Additionally know the scoop on the spots that are not in the “Chamber of Commerce” hand out, the really great “off the beaten path” places, that your out of town client will get a thrill out of knowing about. All thatand really being able to talk about your surroundings will set you apart.

Be a People Person

Really great chauffeurs identify what type of dialogue and conversation and interaction to embark upon to enhance the client’s feeling of comfort that he is riding with trusted associate and friend. Always find the common ground that’s allows you to enjoy the person you are chauffeuring and visa versa. Remember that to be to be a great chauffeur, it’s just not the Q & A; you really need to like to be around people from all walks of life.

Dress Impeccably

Your self-esteem and confidence as a great chauffeur is exhibited by your impeccable professional appearance. Make it so and you will stand out. While not all chauffeur driven companies require a suit and tie as Palm Beach Tour & Transportation does, none the less a great chauffeur is always  sharply dressed while working including a pressed shirt, jacket and trousers and carrying accessories like lint rollers and toiletries and even  back up articles of clothing.

Be Prepared

Every good chauffeur carries some items that a client may need but great ones are so people orientated that they anticipate people needs like universal phone chargers, first aid kits, stain remover sticks, individual packages of ant acid or Dramamine, quick shoe shine packets, Frebreeze, and so on. Being prepared for any situation is the key to being great in this profession.

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Limo West Palm Beach – Luxury Business Transportation

The Benefits of Luxury Business Transportation

Relax in a Limo

If you are thinking about renting a limo West Palm Beach residents will be envious of, go for it at Palm Beach Tours & Transportation (PBT&T). This is a wonderful way for you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself no matter how busy your schedule is. You can sit back and listen to music or possibly watch a movie while you are headed to your next destination. Our limos have a full bar in them, so you can have a drink while you are heading back from your business engagement or on the way to dinner. If you are just getting off a plane and need to take a short nap, a PBT&T limo allows you to do that in style. You can wake up refreshed and ready to go after a ride in a comfortable limousine. The best part is that you will have a well trained experienced driver taking care of your every need. Your driver will be good at directions and will make sure that you make all of your appointments on time. You can relax and allow your driver to take care of busy traffic getting you to where you have to be on time, relaxed and refreshed.


In a PBT&T limousine you have privacy. You can work on your business notes while you are traveling, or you can even hold an important business meeting with potential clients or business associates during a trip. Since you will have a professionally trained driver making sure that you are getting from one place to another on time, you can focus on more important tasks. You can use each moment in your limo to take care of important calls, to read business literature, and more. You can be assured that you will not be disturbed in a limousine.

Traveling in Style

One of the reasons that people choose to travel in a luxurious limo is because it makes them look good. A limo is a classy ride and shows everyone that you are a successful business traveler. If you are looking to make a grand entrance, arrive at your next business meeting in a PBT&T limousine.

Quality Services

When you are looking for a limo service West Palm Beach residents and visitors have come to rely on and trust for superior luxury vehicles and the most experienced professional chauffeurs in the business, you want a quality company to work with like Palm Beach Tours & Transportation. You want to make sure that you hire a reputable company that will arrive on time and offer superior traveling services that you can rely on. If you would like to know more about limousine rentals for any occasion, executive transportation or luxury group transportation services, you are invited to call Palm Beach Tours & Transportation at 561-203-0404.

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